Cynthia Siyona

Cynthia Siyona

Savings and Leadership Programme Coordinator


As Saving and Leadership Programme Coordinator Cynthia works with local communities to identify and nurture transformative local leadership and to build financial resilience through micro savings and credit groups. Cynthia holds an accredited Community Development Practitioner qualification from Rhodes University’s Centre for Social Development and has been with the Ubunye Foundation since March 2003.

Originally from Grahamstown, Cynthia believes teamwork is the crucial pillar on which the success of her work depends. “It is helpful to be able to share your thoughts with the team after a long day in the field. It is the most important thing and what I like most about my work. It also helps relieve stress because you forget about your problems,” she said. Cynthia also enjoys the unpredictability of the work environment. “It helps to network with people and share skills with communities. I’m always encouraged to go and meet them knowing there is something new to think and talk about.”

Her belief in the difference her work can make keeps her motivated. “Sometimes this work can be very challenging but even if some people are unreliable most of them are committed and they inspire other people to start our programmes too,” she said.