Lime Badu

Lime Badu

Livelihoods Programme Coordinator


Lime Badu, Livelihoods Programme Coordinator, joined the Ubunye Foundation at the beginning of 2013 and has a passion for helping people believe in the power of change their own personal agency.

Originally from Port Alfred, Lime worked at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve as a receptionist for many years and is a former community Health Champion for the Ubunye Foundation. Skilled in First Aid, Basic Counselling, Home based care and administration and with many years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur in her own right, Lime is involved in enterprise development training and support aimed at encouraging individuals to identify business opportunities in their communities and to facilitate entrepreneurship at a grassroots level. This involves interacting with people, helping them to understand their value as individuals and motivating them to use what skills and resources they have to start. Lime was drawn to this kind of work because of her belief in the power of the individual. “I would like to help people understand that it takes each individual to make change in your own community and also to realize that regardless of your history, age or gender you can change or make a difference,” she said. Leading by example has been critical in encouraging people to believe in her message, and Lime has had to undergo processes of personal transformation as a starting point.

After a hard day in the field it is helpful to share her challenges and experiences with other members of the team and ask for input from her more experienced colleagues. “I learn from challenges and do not take things personally. I’ve learnt not to force or push things and rather let each process take its own time,” she said.