1. Community Leadership
  2. Savings Groups
  3. Livelihoods
  4. Education
  5. Family Health

Community Leadership

We see our role as enabling and facilitating but the development process must be driven from the inside. Shifting communities requires role models and champions for change and for this reason we focus on training and mentoring local leadership that emerges from the savings group process. 

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Savings Group

As our entry point into communities and the foundation of all of our development initiatives, our Savings Programme is built around community-based savings activities and focuses on the formation and mentoring of savings and credit groups as well as on providing life skills and financial education which improves people’s resilience and ability to plan and act.

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Through our Livelihoods Programme we aim to equip adults and youth with the skills, confidence and support to access and create sustainable livelihoods opportunities in order t achieve financial independence and to stimulate vibrant communities.

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We believe the early childhood development is the best social investment that we can make in South Africa and this is the main focus of our Education Programme.

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Family Health

Our health programme is designed as an integrated approach to health, nutrition and environment and is geared towards empowering families to take active responsibility for their own wellbeing and to access and make use of health services in a responsible way. Our integrated approach to health emphasises the interconnectedness of individual, family, community and environmental health issues and how they all impact upon and influence each other.

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