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"There's a huge truck outside again, this time its got 2 tons of porridge!"

On Thursday this week, a truck carrying 2 tons of nutritionally enhanced porridge from Southern Lodestar, funded by Innovation Edge arrived at our new offices.

And then the fun began...! This was the 8th delivery of food relief that Ubunye Foundation has received and distributed to over 2500 families over the last 3 months - amazing team work from every single Ubunye staff member without exception.

Well done Ubunye team - you ROCK!

Next task is for the Isisekelo team members, Mzi Badi and Vuvu Ndlakuse to take it out to the 29 additional ECD centres that have joined Ubunye's ECD programme.

Ubunye now partners with 45 ECD centres, 75 ECD practioners and over 850 children!

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