Ubunye foundation in partnership with the department of health is working with rural communities to have healthy lifestyles and better access to quality health care services

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 (Health & Wellness)

Vision for Masiphile

The creation of a knowledgeable community able to make informed decisions about health and health care with locally accessible quality health care at clinics and through Community Health Workers available to all with a specific focus on prevention and care of lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV and TB and care of the under 5s.

Communities Lead

Sustainable Development

Resilience to Climate Change

Each programme's Vision is linked to Ubunye’s 3 mission components.

These are joint visions agreed with the rural communities with whom we work, coupled with what we provide to help communities reach these visions.

The basket of activities Ubunye provides to assist communities to achieve this joint vision include:

Mentoring and supporting Community Health Workers in becoming trusted as knowledgeable and skilled local wellness and health care resources

Enabling local clinics to provide user friendly services and in particular outreach health care services to those unable to reach clinics for care

Facilitating the growth in community knowledge around wellness particularly nutrition, exercise, emotional health, adherence to medications, immunisations and care of young children


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New Programme Info

Keep your visitors in the know. Keep it simple.


New Programme Info

Keep your visitors in the know. Keep it simple.


New Programme Info

Keep your visitors in the know. Keep it simple.


Learn more about what we do, our other programs and how we empower the community to establish a positive environment to grow and thrive in.


Director: Katy Pepper


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