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Ikamva Life Skills

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Ubunye foundation is partnering with young people and assisting them to follow their dreams and craft a Life Plan for them to work towards, and support them to achieve their goals

here to see a 'shadow play' presentation on Ikamva Lolutsha done at a seminar on
Gender Inequality and Violence in South Africa: What can Feminist organisations do and is it enough?' organised in Cape Town by the French Embassy

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Ikamva Lolutsha


(Young Futures)

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Ubunye Foundation’s community-led approach means that the Ikamva Lolutsha team works with the youth to follow their dreams of their future
Through the Ikamva Life Skills training and follow-up support young people are encouraged to think and dream of the future they want. The team then assists them to create a Life Plan to work towards that dream.
May be it is to have their own business, finish their studies, work towards a particular career or go for that job they have always wanted to do - the Ikamva Lolutsha team will be there to reach for those goals. And they will be there to celebrate with them when they do!

To ensure that young people are able to use and build upon their skills, knowledge and interests, the Ikamva Lolutsha team provides on-going support and encouragement as they implement their Life Plans.


For all the young people that join Ikamva Lolutsha, there are opportunities for winning seed money to start-up their new business or funds for books and travel to complete that course they are doing or the little extra money they need to nail that job interview.

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The Ubunye Foundation has always included young people in all its programmes. In 2018, Ubunye began a specific Life Skills training for youth - Thabiso, which is now the Ikamva Life Skills course 
Now in 2021, and in line with Ubunye's Lelethu Strategy, Ubunye is expanding and enhancing that programme to include more young people in the Ikamva Lolutsha Programme

The Ikamva Lolutsha team works with all the Ubunye programmes to recruit young people to the programme across the all the areas Ubunye works,

Ikamva Lolutsha includes young people from rural communities in Fort Brown village in Sarah Baartman Municpality and villages all over Ngqushwa Municipality

Ikamva Lolutsha programme starts with the Ikamva Life Skills training, where everyone is encouraged to dream and to draw that dream into a plan for the future, a Life Plan. 


These young people are then supported, coached and encouraged to implement that plan and reach for the goals they have made. 


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