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(Savings & Livelihoods)

Ubunye foundation joins with communities in ensuring financial independence and sustainable incomes through the creation of thriving ‘green businesses’ that are in tune with the challenges of climate change.

Vision for Sinako

The creation of reliable and safe places to save and borrow money that will provide opportunities for financial investment in developing and expanding and ensuring thriving local enterprises including those specifically tailored to the local environment and climate change resilient livelihoods. 

Communities Lead

Sustainable Development

Resilience to Climate Change




Each programme's Vision is linked to Ubunye’s 3 mission components.

These are joint visions agreed with the rural communities with whom we work, coupled with what we provide to help communities reach these visions.

The basket of activities Ubunye provides to assist communities to achieve this joint vision include:

Training and mentoring and then support in using financial planning and money management

Enabling learning about saving and using those savings as a means to improve lifestyles and mobilise capital

Promoting and supporting financial investment and management of local enterprise and climate resilient livelihoods

Savings Group meeting introduction to Li


New to Sinako

Sinako Green Business

Resource book

Click on Infographic to see  a summary of our New Green Business Resource Tool

Sinako Businesses

Click on Infographic to see the new and existing businesses that Sinako is currently supporting

Tower Vegetable Gardens

Click on the Infographic to see more on Tower Vegetable Gardens project


Learn more about what we do, our other programs and how we empower the community to establish a positive environment to grow and thrive in.


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