The Green Food Project

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Ubunye's Food Relief Solution.

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Lock Downs has been devastating for the rural communities in the Ngqushwa Municipality. Almost immediately, households ran out of food, occasional work opportunities stopped and access to health care services and other services become impossible.


Sinako provided a financial cushion for communities.

Ubunye’s close links with communities meant that together resources could be found, and urgent needs could be met.


Food relief managed by the communities was provided to those in need, and collaboration with health care clinics resulted in outreach health care services, COVID-19 screening and delivery of chronic medications.

It was food insecurity that hit communities the hardest.


Communities building Ubunye's Tower Vegetable Gardens


The Green Food Project

The Green Food Project is centred not only on the establishment of Tower Vegetable Gardens for all households, but to turn them into an income generating, green business for women.


One TVG provides an on-going supply of vegetables for a family or an ECD centre. With a second or third TVG surplus vegetables can be sold at pop-up stalls or to supply local spaza shops.


This has the threefold advantage of providing vegetables for households, access to supplies for the community at local stalls and shops and an income for the women entrepreneurs.


Since Ubunye started this Project it has successfully yielded income for the women involved. Yet there is still so much more to be done, not just in terms of the numbers of TVGs to be established but also in ensuring the initiatives sustainability by inculcating financial planning, business management and horticultural skills.


For 1 community, 4 women establishing TVG businesses and

1 woman establishing a seedling business would ensure on-going food security in vegetables and profitable businesses for the women.

The Ubunye Foundation’s Sinako programme is ideally placed to ensure successful food security through the Green Food Project. Working with existing Savings Group members, Ubunye is able to establish TVGs, ensure the women gain basic green business skills and that communities in all the programme areas have continued access to vegetables whatever economic crisis should hit.

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Under this Green Food Project,

Ubunye Foundation commits to deliver:

Train, mentor and establish long term entrepreneurial skills amongst women enabling them to generate a sustainable income, sustainable food supplies for their family and community.

Ensure implementation of community food security in Wards 7, 9 and 10 of Ngqushwa Municipality covering a population of around 32,000 people including 13 000 children under the age of 5 years.

Oversee the establishment of approximately 320 permanent Green Food Businesses which will include 256 TVG vegetable production and sale and 64 seedling nurseries and sale.




Learn more about our fundraising initiative to prevent a halt to this essential programme.