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From the very beginning, the Ubunye Foundation has focused on children, working with women to set up day care facilities in their villages.

Today, through the Isisekelo (Education for Life) Programme, Ubunye works with rural communities to provide access to ECD learning in over 45 ECD centres


The aim of Isisekelo is to create sustainable, community-led ECD centres, where children are safe, eat nutritious meals and enjoy interactive learning.

Isisekelo uses the Ukhaniyiso Fund mechanisim to achieve this aim

Along the Ukhaniyiso Fund road to excellence, the ECD centre parents and staff gain skills in fund -raising, and environmental sustainability; they upgrade the facilities and focus on quality, interactive play based learning. 


And the outcome is ECD centres that have registration with the Department of Social Development, access to grants and funding and the joy of providing children with top quality Early Childhood Learning and Development for generations to come.

Join in

Does that sound Good?

Is that something you

want to be a part of?

YES, then come & join us 


Here are 2 ways

            in which you can !


Donate an item that these ECD centres really need in their journey towards excellence.


Donate funds to support the Ukhanyiso Fund and give children the childhood they deserve.

TOGETHER with Ukhanyiso 

Help us make a difference and contribute to the running of the programme

For Each ECD Centre to be supported in the programme for 1 year we need the following:

(1)  3 Incremental Ukhanyiso Grants to
each ECD centre:

1st Grant:                 R 2 000
  2nd Grant:               R 5 000
  3rd Grant:                R10 000
                                   R17 000
45 ECD centres       R765 000

(2)  Isisekelo Staff  to support the
programme for 1 year:

1 Programme Coordinator
      3 Field Officers                       
                                 R760 000

(3)  Ubunye Foundation core costs to
run the programme for 1 year:

Administration costs associated with ensuring
    Ubunye functions like office rent, vehicles, management & admin staff
   R153 500

  TOTAL COSTS of programme for 1 year


     R1 678 500

    COST For 1 ECD centre for 1 year
      R   37 300


Thank you for your support!

We Commit


A direct link for you to see what your support is achieving. through blogs, live links, and opportunities to visit the ECD centres

Sustainable access to quality ECD learning and care to over 900 children and for generations of children in the area.

Demonstration of the success of this model and dissemination of this success to the wider ECD and NGO community

A resource of experienced expert facilitators, tools and a support network to guide other agencies and NGO wanting to follow the same route.

Find out more



Learn more about our fundraising initiative to prevent a halt to this essential programme.

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