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Cameron was here!!

Cameron Bellamy, endurance athlete, came to see how all our communities are doing this week. He came with Kate Mapham who recently joined the Ubunye Challenge team. They both went out with our Isisekelo team and took part in the tower vegetable garden project roll-out at ECD centres. Through this project, Ubunye and 45 ECD centres in Ngqushwa are working together to put up tower vegetable gardens and grow fresh vegetables for the children at the centres. A huge boost to this project and to all the work Ubunye is doing with communities, has been the vehicle that Ubunye Challenge recently donated to us. It is now hard at work carrying materials for the tower gardens and supporting all the Ubunye programme activities - we couldn't have done all this without it!

You can see everyone getting stuck in - ECD practitioners, parents, community members, the Isisekelo team and Cameron and Kate - a true partnership, a model of community leadership within Asset Based Community Development with Ubunye Challenge really being there for us.


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