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Growing your own! ECD centres grow vegetables for their children

With funding from Innovation Edge, Jim Joel Fund and Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, Ubunye Foundation’s Isisekelo and Sinako teams have been busy working with ECD Practitioners and parents to build tower vegetable gardens.

45 ECD centres around Ngqushwa Municipality are involved in the initiative with ECD practitioners, parents and children growing a variety of vegetables that will provide fresh produce for the children attending the ECD centres. In all over 900 children will benefit from these vegetables.

Tower gardens are ideal for these drought-ridden areas because they use grey water and are contained in a small area that can be easily cared for and protected. Each ECD centre will receive regular supplies of vegetable seedlings which will be grown from top to bottom, all around the tower and at the top.

Photos are from ECD Centres in Runlens and New Creation,

Ngqushwa Municipality, Eastern Cape

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