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Teachers and parents together!

Tower vegetable garden's are going up thick and fast in Ngqushwa Municipality. In a perfect example of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD approach) parents and teachers are leading the tower vegetable programme at ECD centres with Ubunye staff playing a supporting role. Fresh vegetables will be ready for the children in no time.

The photos show the ECD practitioner from Masithembe Educare Centre in Glenmore with parents and Ubunye's Assistant Director May Quntu preparing, digging, building and finishing the 5th tower vegetable garden to go up this week. With 40 more to do, there will be plenty to keep everyone busy over the next couple of weeks.

This tower vegetable garden initiative aimed at addressing food security amongst young children has been made possible by our funders: Innovation Edge, Jim Joel Fund, Oppenheimer Memorial Trust and Desmond Leach Bequest and core funding support for Ubunye from Mergon Gap Fund and the Davies Foundation

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