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Cameron Bellamy Raising Money for Children's iPads and Internet Access in the Eastern Cape

Cameron Bellamy, endurance athlete extraordinaire who recently overcame the ‘impossible row’ – rowing over 800 miles acroos the notorious Drake Passage over 17 days with a six-member team – came to visit us in Makhanda in January 2020.

Cameron visited several ECD centres and proved to be as big a hit on dry land as he is in the sea. With all his adventures Cameron’s aim is to raise funds for our ECD programme.

This year the money he has raised is going to bring IT and the internet to children at 16 ECD centres in Ubunye’s programme area. In collaboration with iAfrica, our programme team Mzi and Vuvu will be trained in use of iPads and learning packages which they will bring to each of the ECD centres.

Each ECD centre will have a kit of iPads and internet access which the children will use to link them to the World Wide Web.

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