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Working together Ubunye's Governance  

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Our Governance Structure is called Siyakahana.



[Building Together]

Ubunye rests on a community structure  of Programme Working Groups.

Like in  traditional isiXhosa cooking, Programme Working Groups are the fuel that heats the cooking pot of Programmes, which together form sustainable Living for communities who share their programme experiences and results nationally and globally.


The experiences and results of the programmes are shared by the community

Programmes are designed, managed, monitored and evaluated by Programme Working Groups

Programme Working Groups 

are made up of community members, selected by villagers to represent them in creating programmes:

- Health and Wellness (Masiphile), 

- Education for Life (Isisekelo), and

- Sustainable Livelihoods (Sinako)  

They include local Ubunye technical support staff,  who are also selected by the community.

Programmes Working Groups represent the community and ensure that programmes are based on their identified needs, that they meet those needs  using local skills, resources and knowledge

Programmes create the optimum conditions for sustainable living

The idea, results, and experiences of Programme Working Groups come together under the Community Advisory Board made up of one representative from each Programme Working Group

One member of the Community Advisory Board is a member of Ubunye' Board of Trustees 

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