Ubunye foundation is working with rural communities to lay a strong foundation for a successful life for young people from early childhood development to primary and secondary schools​

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 (Education for Life)

Vision for Isisekelo

The creation of ECD centres and primary schools  as community resources that are financially independent (ECDs) providing on-going quality education accessible to all children and that promote interactive, practical learning around climate change including the use of environmentally appropriate food, power and energy production on-site.

Communities Lead

Sustainable Development

Resilience to Climate Change

Each programme's Vision is linked to Ubunye’s 3 mission components.

These are joint visions agreed with the rural communities with whom we work, coupled with what we provide to help communities reach these visions.

The basket of activities Ubunye provides to assist communities to achieve this joint vision include:

Promoting and assisting education facilities to reach for and sustain government-regulation levels of education, environmental health and operational management.

Providing opportunities for ECD practitioners, teachers and parent-body members to learn and share experiences around education and learning,  financial management, fund-raising and engendering community trust in the educational facilities.

Providing technical expertise and supporting education facilities to develop, use and sharing knowledge about environmental care and climate change adjusted systems for food security, conservation and energy production to learners and the community.



New to Isisekelo

COVID-19 Response for ECD

Click on infographic to see our up-to-date activities with ECDs during COVID-19 pandemic

Tower vegetable gardens

Click on infographic to see our up-to-date report on Tower Vegetable Gardens

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