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The Yendella Project is a project that cuts across several programmes but it is located in Ward 13 of Sarah Baartman District only.

Ubunye Foundation works with women and young girls in this community to both create sustainable businesses and reach for their dreams

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The Yendella Project


(Young Futures)

Each programme is linked to a funding initiative.

Vision for Yendella

A community where leadership by women and young girls enables them to create and sustain their own business enterprises in a way that builds a thriving community resilient to climate change

Ubunye Foundation’s community-led approach means the Yendella Project is led by the women.
The women chose to establish a Poultry Farm. Ubunye has given them the skills and knowledge to care for the chickens, to market and sell their products and seed money to get the business off the ground


Enabling youth to reach for their dreams, the Yendella Project mentors young people to raise and manage funds for business initiatives, seek out new training and education opportunities and find the jobs they always wanted to do.

A group of young women want to start up a 'backpackers' on the farm, giving visitors a real experience of isi-Xhosa life. With Ubunye's support they have created and established a strategy to achieve their dream that starts with raising funds.





New to The Yendella Project

COVID-19 Response for ECD

Click on infographic to see our up-to-date activities with ECDs during COVID-19 pandemic

Tower vegetable gardens

Click on infographic to see our up-to-date report on Tower Vegetable Gardens

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Learn more about what we do, our other programs and how we empower the community to establish a positive environment to grow and thrive in.

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