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'Ngoku lixesha! - Now is the Time!'

Ubunye Foundation is about launch a campaign in line with the letter to all South Africans from the Minister of Health. The campaign is called 'Now is the Time'.

We will be promoting the BIG 5:

  • correct Mask wearing,

  • use of Sanitizer,

  • Cleaning of surfaces,

  • Social Distancing and

  • if we are feeling unwell, Isolating Ourselves

To assist the communities we work with in Ngqushwa, we will be distributing more masks for adults though our Masiphile (health and wellness) and Sinako (Savings and Livelihoods) programmes and with the Isisekelo (Education for Life) we will be distributing children's masks too.

In addition, we will be resupplying sanitizer to communities and re-inforcing social distancing not only during our visits but also through our 650-strong network of community members on WhatsApp, who will be sharing the 'Ngoku Lixesha - Now is the Time' message with 10 others in their community.

And, with the help of others, we have plans for assisting communities to set up Community Care Centres to provide a local place for people to isolate themselves...



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